Happy jet lag!

my little imp

Ughhhhhhhhh, I hate jet lag.  I feel like death. Tired death. BUT MELISSA IT IS SO MUCH BETTER GOING WEST stfu.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

But last night I managed to stay up till 10:30. Woohoo! Progress! That is pretty quick for me, but I have a motivation of going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night, so I need to feel at least somewhat alive. :) Still starving in the mornings, though.  It was absolutely worth it to see my British family, and to spend time with my husband. Even if we only did get a few days, they were wonderful ones, and talking with him until the sun came up was my true vacation.   (That and public transport. *kisses Oyster card*)

Speaking of mornings! I finally broke down and ordered a new juicer, which is being delivered today. Wahoo! Sorry, Grandma’s juicer from the 70’s, but you’re just too loud and wobbly and temperamental.  You were good to me for a while but it’s time to move on.

(Someday I will also get a new–read: quieter–flour mill, but that’s a bit more of an expenditure.  Even more if I got the one I really wanted…anyone have some money they’d like to put towards the fancy grain mill fund? …didn’t think so…)

So, right.  Basically this jet lag means that nothing is happening this week. Well, I’m going to be steam cleaning my carpet this weekend (WOOHOO FINALLY THE FUN PARTS OF HOME OWNERSHIP), getting started on siding repair (sadly not finishing yet due to a LOT more rain coming), and buying some new litter boxes.  Yes, my exciting life, folks.  I am also compiling a list of Mrs. Beeton recipes that I’d like to try out.  I think this may finally be the year.  I just need some free weekends and some energy.

In the meantime, to help you all handle all that excitement, here is some neat stuff I found in my feed reader.

A yummy sounding sauce.

Doctor Who stamps. I WANT THEM ALL.  On a related note, we saw Colin Baker (who is now quite portly and grey haired) on Come Dine With Me last week…he seems like the loveliest man alive.

You need Google Chrome to see this, but it’s worth it. Like a planetarium on your monitor.

Tina Fey puts the smackdown on Perez Hilton, because HOT DAMN.

Slow cooker apple pie oatmeal. Coming to my kitchen this Saturday, I think.

These crunchy roast potatoes look like my mother-in-laws!

This post is about the blindfolds, but I love the idea of doing a blindfolded “eat the cookie” rather than “pin the tail on the donkey” :)

A series of handmade bow tutorials.  Definitely saving this for my next present event.

This photo montage of an abandoned subway station is beautiful and kind of sad.

A little tam for your mug. lol!

Anything with roasted beets is automatically my favorite.

An amazing story about some little animals working together to survive. There is a happy ending.

Going to make this blanket for myself as part of my “make more stuff for myself” resolution.

Another resolution, get popsicle molds so I can make these yogurt pops.

How cute is this pretzel pincushion?

YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS! I have such a craving for them.

Gastronomic historian decides to live as a 19th century domestic servant for a day.

Chicken liver paté is another thing coming very soon to my kitchen. This looks super creamy and yet it has no cream!

Happy almost-Friday, everyone. Love, peace, and bacon grease.


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